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We are an amazing, colourful and inspiring art café.  

Inspire Art Café is your place for you to find your inspiration and make it a reality!

Hours are Wednesday - Friday 1pm-9pm Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am -5pm

Closed January 7,8

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Home school groups, Team building, Bachelorette, Retirement, Christmas Parties Anniversary, Birthdays... you name it!Inspire Art Cafe is the perfect venue for people of all ages; there is something for everyone.Pottery pieces range from trendy figurines and dog bowls to Tea lights, banks and boxes, as well and functional dishware including mugs and canisters.There are dozens of glazes to paint with, so you can choose vibrant colours to have a bright, playful piece or choose a more textured style for a sophisticated, classy look... remember you're the artist!

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Huge selection of items! The perfect place to get your creativity soaring!

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*Most of the pieces are limited quantities so snap it up while you can!

Paint & Decorate

After you purchase your item. Paint it as much as you like. Stamp it, stencil it! #CreateWhatYouFeel
Oh no! Not enough time?? Take it home and come back to finish next time!

FINISH & Pick up in 14 days

After you're finished painting, your piece is fired by our staff and will be ready for you to pick up in 10-15 days.
Due to our limited space to store pieces....I can only hold pieces for 60 days from the first message I send with notification that your item is ready. Arrangements can be made if you live out of town, or will be away and unable to pick up during this time.   

Due to FRAGILE nature pieces cannot be shipped.