We are an amazing, colourful and inspiring art café.  

Inspire Art Café is your place for you to find your inspiration and make it a reality!

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Huge selection of items! The perfect place to get your creativity soaring!

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Browse through all our Bisque Pottery to find the item just for YOU! 

We have all our in-stock items now listed on the website! You can purchase and pickup your new project within 24 hours up to 3 business days.

NOTE: We have limited space and items. PLEASE PICK UP ITEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. After three days your items can be refunded and re-stocked.

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*Most of the pieces are limited quantities so snap it up while you can!

Paint & Decorate

After you purchase your item. Paint it as much as you like. Stamp it, stencil it! #CreateWhatYouFeel
Oh no! Not enough time?? Take it home and come back to finish next time!

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FINISH & Pick up in 14 days

After you're finished painting, your piece is fired by our staff and will be ready for you to pick up in 2 week’s time. 
Due to our limited space to store pieces... PLEASE pick up as soon as possible.  

Due to FRAGILE nature pieces cannot be shipped.