To Go Kits - HOW TO


Create in the comfort of your home.

Choose your pieces and then chose you colours.

$3 for 1 ounce of paint, $5 for a pack of brushes, the sanding disks, and sponge.


Step 1:

Using the sanding disk gently smooth away any dark marks or rough spots.

Step 2:

Get the sponge wet, squeeze it out and wipe all the dust away. This is very important as the glaze won’t stick if there is dust on it.

Step 3:

Paint your pieces, make sure to paint everything including the bottom. If your piece is a mug, bowl, or plate in order for it to be food safe and waterproof EVERYTHING must be painted. Let the first coat completely dry before you begin to paint the second coat. (it will look chalky and dull when dry. If it is still shiny it is still wet.) When the second coat is dry you can begin to paint the third coat.

Step 4:

When your pieces are completely dry give me a call or text at  587-726-2787 to arrange to drop them off the be fired.  When they are done I will Text you with a time to come and pick them up.

Please allow 10 days for finished pieces